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=== Additional Resources ===
=== Additional Resources ===
* [https://pcy.ulyssis.be/pres/Lin.pdf Presentation about sizecoding on Linux (PDF)]
* [https://pcy.ulyssis.be/pres/Lin.pdf The Intricacies of Sizecoding on Linux (PDF)]

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For X86 related information, please check the main pages on this website, as a lot of the same tricks will also work with X86 linux sizecoding. This page goes into the specifics of getting small binaries on linux.

Linux system

To be added.

Setting up

Setting up your development platform for Linux development:

  • Suggested Distributions : -
  • Assembler: NASM (?)

Accessing video

Accessing video

Getting something on screen

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To be added soon.

Make some noise

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Additional Resources