Indian Spirit

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Indian Spirit was created by Hellmood and is 32 bytes in size. Indian Spirit implements a 640x400 American Indian cloth tapestry while playing music inspired by that culture. Original Readme:

"Indian Spirit" - HellMood / DSR
released just for fun 02/2019

DOSBOX - 32 bytes - PC Speaker

Somewhat inspired by Adoks "Indian" Series
i coded for one hour to see what i can come up
with, but in 32 bytes, and with sound. At the
same time i exploited the "secret mode" 0x69
which switches to 640x400 in 256 colors, but
without using the size-unfriendly VESA functions.
For that reason, this demo only works in DOSBOX
or on a computer which as the EXACT graphic card
dosbox emulates. 

Youtube Capture :
pop ds
xor al,0x69
int 0x10
mov dl,cl
mov al,[0x46C]	
neg al
xor dl,al
and al,32+16+4+2
or al,0x41
out 0x42,al			
out 0x61,al			
mov ah,12
loop Y		
inc bl	
jmp short Y