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Wanting to start sizecoding on a Windows platform in this day and age can be overwhelming.

This category is dedicated to modern 512Byte/1K/4K Tiny Intro development for Windows/Win32, which consist of a small OpenGL/D3D/DX Framework, a softsynth and 1 or more pixelshaders. To keep things concise and undestandable, the information in these wiki pages is very much targeted specifically to the windows platform with shaders on modern graphics API's. You won't be discussion legacy mesh techniques as few 4k intros make use of those techniques anymore.

Windows Intro Size Categories

Targetting different sizes can have vastly different approaches, which is why we divided this part of the wiki into several size categories:

  • Windows Tiny Intro - Windows tiny intro development (256 and 512 bytes)
  • 1K Intro - 1K shader-based windows intro development
  • 4K Intro - 4K shader-based windows intro development

General Resources